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Pumpkin Carving Party in Class 2B

On Tuesday, October 17th, the students of class 2B threw an early Halloween party at school.

In order to make the celebration more fun and authentic we invited 19 American students from Salzburg College. First, the kids all carved their own pumpkin under the supervision of an American student. After we were done with the pumpkin carving we headed to the school’s sports field to play some fun Halloween party games. For the Mummy Race the kids had to wrap up one another in toilet paper and then run to the finish line as quickly as possible. The most popular game was certainly Bobbing for Donuts where the students had to eat donuts off a string without using their hands. For our Ghost Bowling game we taped a few googly eyes to a pack of toilet paper, stacked it in a pyramid, and the kids tried to knock over the pyramid of toilet paper using a ball. We also played a Pumpkin Memory Game. A big THANK YOU to our American guests for making this event a memorable experience. We had a real blast.

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